No Limit — une œuvre / un artiste


Installation, performance, video

No Limit
une œuvre / un artiste

Past: March 10 → May 19, 2012

Imane Farès Gallery has the pleasure of announcing the forthcoming opening of the exhibition entitled No Limit, One Artist / One work for which Ninar Esber, Gérard Quenum and Younès Rahmoun have each been invited to present one work in which they are personally involved.

For No Limit Lebanese artist Ninar Esber, who lives between Paris and Beirut, is staging an unprecedented performance entitled La bonne graine (The good seed). During gallery opening hours, for 20 days the artist will spend all her time sorting grains of corn depending on their colour and size. She will thus create a number of monochrome piles of grain. Through this act which involves judgment, sorting, separation and stockpiling, Nina Esber speaks of minorities. She seeks to provoke thinking about the process by which the “other” is held at bay, about the forced exodus of populations who, like many in particular in the Near East, have long lived in mixed communities.

Moroccan Artist Younès Rahmoun has developed a multifaceted work that draws on the influences of his own personal world, his origins, hopes and beliefs. His vocabulary combines numbers, colours and shapes and with these, he creates a work whose poetry and formal beauty testify to his search for universality. For No Limit, he offers a piece entitled Habba, which combines visual and sound animation, a seven minute work that tells the story of a seed that travels through space in search of the ideal spot in which to develop and grow.

Benin’s Gérard Quenum, works with what is known as a “bocio,” a sort of totem representing an individual, a dead person, a family or a spirit. These are commonly found in traditional places of worship in Benin. The artist works with these sculptures that are generally made out of a long piece of wood, the tip of which is sculpted in the shape of a head. In his installation created specifically for this exhibition entitled l’Arbre de Vie (the Tree of Life) Gérard Quenum has brought in two additional items that play a central part in the life of the village in his native Benin, the pestle and mortar. This installation calls the viewer back to the earth and therefore, the eternal cycle of life.

Whether it is the subject of judgment by the artist who decides on its fate through a process of sorting, or the central subject of a journey in search of a place to grow and blossom or as a symbol of life and sustenance, the seed as a theme is the thread that runs through the three works on show.

  • Opening Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 4 PM
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The artists

  • Nina Esber
  • Younès Rahmoun
  • Gérard Quenum