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Oniris, 35 ans !
Exposition collective

Past: June 12 → August 28, 2021

Opened in September 1986, the Oniris Gallery is pleased to invite you to celebrate its 35th anniversary with an eventful exhibition during the summer of 2021.

Whether it is a celebration or a family event, it is above all an opportunity to bring together the artists, collectors and enthusiasts who have followed the Oniris gallery project in its successive evolutions for over three and a half decades.

This anniversary exhibition will occupy the two spaces of the gallery in Rennes. In the gallery at 38 rue d’Antrain, a selection of works by its emblematic artists from its universe of abstract geometry, including François Morellet, Aurelie Nemours, Vera Molnar and Norman Dilworth.

In the other space located in the courtyard of 42 rue d’Antrain, a group of works by artists such as Claude Viallat, Philippe Cognée, Jean-Pierre Pincemin or Christian Bonnefoi from the second group of artists that the gallery has defended since 1986.

From mid-June, a virtual visit of the two spaces will allow distant guests to participate in the event.

h5 Exporama, A Summer of Contemporary Art in Rennes!

Exporama is the new annual summer event for contemporary art in Rennes. Throughout the summer, François Pinault’s collection will once again take over the Jacobins Convent, located 200 meters from the Oniris gallery, to present a selection of 108 works based on black and white. To echo this proposal entitled Beyond Color, Black and White in the Pinault Collection, the exhibition Raw Color will be presented at the Museum of Fine Arts in Rennes. Built around these two flagship exhibitions, Exporama proposes fifteen or so complementary offers associating numerous local actors of contemporary art, notably Les Champs Libres, the FRAC Bretagne, the two contemporary art centers of La Criée and 40mcube.