Park in Progress — Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes


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Park in Progress
Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes

Past: Saturday, December 13, 2014 at 8 PM

About twenty artists will take possession of La Maison de l’Arbre in Montreuil for this thirteenth and ultimate edition of Park in progress « indoor ». Artists who already benefit from a European reputation will meet younger artists who undertake generous proposals in which they involve the inhabitants of the Seine-Saint-Denis region.

Claudio stellato park in progress 2013 medium
Claudio Stellato, Park in Progress 2013

The artists

Mauro Paccagnella, Stéphane Broc and Audrey Louwet

Mauro Paccagnella and Stéphane Broc, who took part in the very first editions of Park in progress and have been travelling Europe and Asia ever since, will meet Audrey Louwet, a young trapeze artist who participated in editions 11 in Nicosia and 12 in Huesca and will be accompanied by her dog, Eran.

Sebastian Rivas and Paolo Vignaroli

Sebastian Rivas will leave the Villa Medicis for a while to join Paolo Vignaroli, a flute magician, and dancer Anna Gaiotti. Together, they will conceive a danced proposal on Sebastian Rivas’s compositions and the delicate breath of the flute.

Louis cristiani loick pernypark in progress 13 2014 medium
Louis Cristiani & Loic Perny, Park in Progress 2013
Spyros Kouvaras and Korina Kotsiri

Will discover La Maison de l’Arbre, the former studios of the filmmaker Georges Méliès, with a new version of « Novas Aretas », an astonishing and fascinating transdisciplinary performance. They will then experiment an artistic encounter between dance and music with the American composer Chelsea Leventhal, while the German circus artist Anni Küpper will revisit the art of juggling with a truly contemporary elegance.

Dario La Stella and dancer Valentina Solinas

The Italian choreographer and dancer Dario La Stella and dancer Valentina Solinas, after their residency at La Briqueterie in June 2014, will explore the neighbourhoods of Montreuil and invite the inhabitants to share a moment of dancing perambulation.

Carmenr cruz park in progress 13 2014 medium
Carmen Cruz, Park in Progress 2013
Laurence Moletta

In the warehouse’s vast space, in full darkness, Laurence Moletta, singer and composer, will sing a deep song that will echo through a digital sound-processing programme created for this event. In a slow and minimal gesture, wearing sensory gloves, Laurence Moletta will steer her ghostly voice to seize the space and the audience.

Eliane Edou

For dancer Eliane Edou, each move, each step, each gesture is a moment of dance that feeds on everyday moves. Always in an elusive « in between », her body will weave in and out to generate a choreography that she will offer and share with the audience. Eliane Edou, together with three young girls from Montreuil she often works with, will propose an exceptional moment of dancing energy and emotions. Pepso Stavinsky, a rap singer with a poetic flow, will bring his acapella voice to this performance that starts in silence.

Carmen cruz park in progress 13 2014 medium
Carmen Cruz, Park in Progress 2013
Sebastian Belmar

Transdisciplinary artist, takes an interest in the places he works in, their history, their spatiality, their tension. He designs his project in La Maison de l’Arbre in a spirit of openness and sharing with the artists and the audiences he will encounter in this context. Julien Poidevin will propose a new perception of this space with an interactive light and sound installation made of luminescent wires that will spread in the warehouse.

Belen Paton

Finally, Belen Paton, attentive to the movements of the city, will capture the multicultural atmosphere of this territory in a video to propose her point of view. An evening of encounters, exchanges and transdisciplinary projects shared with a diverse audience, which will end with a friendly moment around an original buffet.

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