Pat Steir : Paint



Pat Steir : Paint

Past: October 9, 2010 → January 8, 2011

This autumn, the Galerie Jaeger Bucher is presenting a solo show of American artist Pat Steir, born in Newark, New Jersey. Since her first exhibition at the Terry Dintenfass Gallery in New York in 1964, Pat Steir has created a large body of works based on the ’waterfall’ painting technique she devised in the early 80s with “Waterfall Painted with the Chinese in Mind”. Over time she has refined her technique in the extreme, her virtuosity remaining unparalleled today: layers of paint succeed each other like so many veils in contemplative silence reminiscent of Agnès Martin’s pictorial space.

Pat Steir’s great art lies in the delicate interaction between the forces of gravity and the properties inherent in paint. The precarious equilibrium of the fragile oscillations depends on the quantity, consistency and substance of paint, thus determining its flow and plasticity: where and to what extent fresh layers flowing over previous ones will adhere.

For this exhibition, the gallery will publish a bilingual catalogue with colour reproductions and an essay by Doris von Drathen, art historian and critic.

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