Peter Neuchs — Lene Bødker — Lyndi Sales — ... and the living is easy


Photography, sculpture

Peter Neuchs — Lene Bødker — Lyndi Sales
... and the living is easy

Past: July 1 → 29, 2017

“and the livin’ is easy”, is a title from the song Summertime, which inspires a marveling state where senses are more awake than ever. With light, heat and nature in full bloom, we temporarily go back to being the light and carefree child described in the lyrics.
Night swimming 2 and 3 by Peter Neuchs translate the sensation of diving and becoming one with the water and obscurity. These works were made at the same time as a series of photographs Brief encounters taken in Catholic churches in Brazil where the flowers, candles and ex votos showed mankind’s deep desire to connect spiritually through the tangible. 12h08 rochinha and 12h36 copacabana are infused with a peaceful immobility in front of the spectacle of the dense sun, we dilute ourselves into the environment that takes on an abstract dimension.

Lene Bødker’s bright yellow sculpture Listen is a call to listen, pay attention. Its simple and symmetric shape, which recalls an instrument or a tool, creates an obvious link with archaic sculpture and an artist such as Constantin Brancusi — references that widen its reach.
A crown of paper birds — Birdswreath by Lyndi Sales — is made visible by light which passes through. Morphed into a most delicate ornament, the birds exist at the edge of the material and immaterial.
Let’s embrace Summertime!

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