Scènes du geste — Programme nocturne


Dance, performance, video

Scènes du geste
Programme nocturne

Past: November 6 → 8, 2015

Dance, Performance, Music and Films

Lighting design: Yves Godin

Dance and music performances and film screenings — these 2 programmes compile exceptional, often unheard of historical works. Performed by many contemporary dancers, choreographers and musicians, these evenings are composed of several pieces that lasted through time and history.


Programme A

Friday, November 6th — 7PM
Saturday, November 7th — 3PM and 7PM
Sunday, November 8th — 3PM

Duration: 1h15 approximately


Steve Reich: Clapping Music (1972)

Isadora Duncan: Narcissus (1905)
Dance: François Chaignaud
Art Direction: Elisabeth Schwartz

Valeska Gert: Japanische Grotesque (1926)
Performance: Latifa Laâbissi

Oskar Schlemmer: Stäbetanz (1928)
Performance: Alma Toaspern
Art Direction: Christophe Wavelet

John Cage: Suite for Toy Piano (music, 1948)

Merce Cunningham: Suite for Five (1956, excerpt)
Dance: Thomas Caley

Michel Fokine: The Dying Swan (film, 1912)
Dance: Anna Pavlova

Valeska Gert: Tod (1929)
Dance: Mathilde Monnier
Art Direction: Christophe Wavelet

Vaslav Nijinsky: The Rite of Spring (1913, The Chosen One solo)
Dance: Sylvain Prunenec
Art Direction and vocals: Dominique Brun

Kurt Jooss: The Green Table (1932, “Death” Solo)
Dance: Thomas Caley
Art Direction: Karin Hermès

Iannis Xenakis: Mikka, solo for violin (Music, 1971)

Ana Yepes: en suspens, en suspension … du baroque à ce jour
Dance: Ana Yepes

Kurt Weill: Songs
Voice: Maguy Marin
Piano: Adriano Spampanato


Programme B

Friday, November 6th — 9PM
Saturday, November 7th — 5PM and 9PM
Sunday, November 8th — 5PM

Duration: 1h15 approximately


Erik Satie: Furniture Music (1918, excerpts)

Merce Cunningham: CRWDSPCR (1993, excerpt)
Dance: Thomas Caley

Francine Lancelot: Atys (1987, Sleep solo)
Dance: Gil Isoart

Dore Hoyer: Hate (1959) and Love (1959)
Dance: Paula Pi
Reconstruction des danses : Martin Nachbar et Paula Pi

Salvatore Sciarrino: Faune che fischia a un merlo (“Faun whistling to a blackbird”, music, 1980)

Kurt Jooss: The Afternoon of a Faun (1965)
Dance: solo dancers from Paris Opera Ballet (casting in progress)
Art Direction: Noëlle Simonet

Vaslav Nijinsky: The Afternoon of a Faun (1912)
Dance: Emmanuelle Huynh
Art Direction: Dominique Brun

Antonia Mercè aka La Argentina (film, 1926)

Carmen Amaya: Danses flamencas (film, 1953)

Ana Yepes: Solo Dance in the Spanish Golden Age
Dance and castanets: Ana Yepes

Valeska Gert: Tod (1929)
Dance: Mathilde Monnier & I-fang Lin
Art Direction: Christophe Wavelet

Yvonne Rainer: Chair & Pillow and Pillow Slides (1970)
Fragments from: Continuous Project Altered Daily (1970)
Performance: all dancers involved in this programme

Valeska Gert: Canaille (1928)
Dance: I-fang Lin
Art Direction: Christophe Wavelet

Edgar Varèse: Density 21.5 (1936, reviewed in 1946 and 1951)

Mary Wigman: Hexentanz (1926)
Dance: Latifa Laâbissi
Art Direction: Mary Ann Santos Newhall

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