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Drawing, graphic design

Disegni in Scala

Past: June 26 → October 3, 2010

Serse Roma (born in San Polo De Piave in 1952, Italy) lives and works in Trieste. He has pursued his artistic research for more than twenty years and is considered one of the key figures in the panorama of contemporary Italian drawing.

The artist produces his works by using graphite powder and rubber on paper.
His works represent the plant and architectural landscape as only a photograph can and is characterized by the sophisticated use of black and white. According to the artist, these two tones are a way of understanding the physical essence of reality and matter. Through his play on shadows and light, Serse manages to create an almost magical landscape, where time is suspended: storms, which disrupt the sea, remain frozen in his photogram; the reflections carved in real time have hardly finished blending.

Serse Roma’s work has been displayed in many museums like the Museum of Beaux Arts and the SMAK in Gand, at the Royal Palace in Milan, at the Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art, etc. and in 2005 participated in the third Valence Biennial in Spain.

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