Small is grandiose — Exposition de Chrystèle Lerisse



Small is grandiose
Exposition de Chrystèle Lerisse

Past: October 25 → December 1, 2012

For the Month of Photography of 2012, the gallery baudoin lebon present different recent works of Chrystèle Lerisse : the series Vocha III Aubrac, 2010, Trappes dans le sept huit, 2011, Lumen, 2011, the serie Mondrian, 2010 and the serie Aurélie Nemours, 2009.

Small format: this has always been the vocabulary of Chrystèle Lerisse. But, we cannot jump to the conclusion that small is beautiful, even though … On the contrary, the impression of blur is a constant in her photographs — without abandoning her work on clarity. Black and white is a permanence. The format 6 × 6 cm is an alibi to represent abstraction and figuration, around landscapes. The choice of the subject matter is secondary: the strength of geometry and contrasts is essential.

“Places are turned inside out, de-territorialised. The pretended and apparent thickness of reality is subtracted to the representation and the simple reflection of mirrors. Then, a music emerge from an underworld. And if Chrystèle Lerisse had not become an artist she surely would have created music — “the most abstract art” as Schopenhauer said. For her, reality is like an image appearing as veils we need to tear up to access the things (or the nothingness) that lies behind.”

J. Felin, Chrystèle Lerisse, transcender l’absence, 2011

In addition, at the occasion of the Franco-Croat Fest and of the exhibition The eye of Peter Knapp on Croat photography, the gallery baudoin lebon will present the work of the Croat artist Darije Petković.

  • small is grandiose — exposition de Chrystèle Lerisse : sélection officielle du mois de la photo 2012 Opening Wednesday, October 24, 2012 6 PM → 9 PM
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