Sophie Ristelhueber — Track


Installation, photography

Sophie Ristelhueber

Past: January 19 → March 16, 2013

The Gallery Catherine Putman presents the exhibition of Sophie Ristelhueber, the frist in Paris since her retrospective at Jeu de Paume.

For more than twenty years, Sophie Ristelhueber, has pursued a reflection on territory and its history, through the singular approach towards ruins and traces left by a man in places devastated by war or natural disasters. Using the means of the photography, the installation and the publishing, she is attached to the presentation of bare facts and footrpints of the history in human bodies and landscapes, by making wounds and scars visible, the real memories of traumas..

In this exhibition, Sophie Ristelhueber offers us a new approach to her own work. She transforms the photographs of landscapes taken in 1984 during the photographic mission of the DATAR1, by covering them with acrylic and thus turning them into the works of art which are complex and enigmatic at the same time. This pictorial intervention brings an unprecedented plastic dimension to this series, titled Track.

The gallery presents new editions by Sophie Ristelhueber. Some of them are connected to the series Track, others are prints realized from embroidery on the cross stitch.

1 The medium which she transforms with irony, by embroidering words or phrases with which she refers to the complex realities of the contemporary world: “War”, “The Turkish question”, “ISF”…

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