Taches Aveugles


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Taches Aveugles

Past: January 26 → April 8, 2018

It is said that what is given is most often only shown to the one who agrees to receive, before seeing. But in this labyrinth, instead of seeking any sort of truth, it is perhaps better, as Nietzsche said, to only seek one’s Ariadne.

Taches Aveugles (Blind Spots) is an exhibition comprised of selective perspectives that owe as much to blindness as to vision, to the image of the eye’s blind spot, indispensable to any vision, to any visibility.

And who says perspective, also says viewpoint, also says multiplicity and in this evokes the other, summons the other, also provokes a duality that is not limited to its own nature, since it remains open to the other, with total complicity. This complicity brings together and unites the five artists whom I invited in my turn to carry out a personal reflection on the idea of the blind spot, in the form of three artist duos. These duos, for some activated, for the others provoked, in which otherness and affinity go hand in hand, will propose a collective exhibition.

Maha Kays
  • Opening Thursday, January 25, 2018 6 PM → 10 PM
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Du mardi au vendredi : 5, avenue de Sceaux et Place des Manèges
Samedi et dimanche : Uniquement Place des Manèges (avenue du Général de Gaulle)

78000 Versailles

T. 01 39 07 40 27

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The artists

  • Maha Kays
  • Ali Kays
  • Ghassan Salhab
  • Mohamed Soueid
  • Khaled Yassine
  • Kinda Hassan