Past: May 14 → September 5, 2020

Uniting artists of the gallery, featuring works from a large variety of series and revealing jewels from the gallery’s private reserve, the “United” exhibition promises to bring a unique experience to collectors. With a hanging changing every week from May 14 to September 5, and with the launch of private visits, collectors are in for a treat.


Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Galerie Thierry Bigaignon proposes a very special group show uniting under its roof artists of the gallery, whether they are represented or invited: Catherine Balet, Renato D’Agostin, Harold Feinstein, Henri Foucault, Vittoria Gerardi, Ralph Gibson, Yannig Hedel, Hideyuki Ishibashi, Irène Jonas, Sabine Mirlesse, Rémi Noël, Thomas Paquet, Thierry Urbain, Tobi Wilkinson and Thibaud Yevnine. A great opportunity to see never-before-seen artworks, photographs from previous exhibitions as well as previews from forthcoming shows.

The gallery opens its private reserve for the very first time
The exhibition brings a unique and compelling experience for both the gallery’s long time supporters and its new comers, as the gallery reveals from its private reserve some of its most precious jewels! Works from different artists, from various styles and periods, dialogue with one another, providing an unprecedented way for visitors to discover and rediscover artworks under a brand new light. Over the past four years the gallery has built a strong identity ; this group show demonstrates how coherent the line is.

The United group show greatly evolves over time.
Whereas most exhibits are static by nature, the United exhibition has a dynamic component which makes it even more overwhelming as it endlessly nourishes the visitors’ curiosity! Thierry Bigaignon explains: “We have always seen the gallery, not only as the most appropriate space to show art, but also as a necessary melting pot for artists, art enthusiasts and collectors. The recent crisis is actually an opportunity to reaffirm it is the center piece of the art market. And with this status in mind, we wanted to make sure visitors will be able to come back as often as they like during the next three months and discover different works every time! Hence our choice to design an exhibition like an on-going show, changing works on our walls every week”. The exhibition lasting three and half months allows everyone to come at their own pace, as well as permitting the market to get back on its feet slowly but surely.

An exhibit open seven days a week for private visits
In order to offer visitors a regular access to the art they love while protecting their health during this sensitive period, the gallery implemented a new service allowing anyone to book a free private visit of the exhibition. This premium service ensures people will be alone in the gallery during their visit. While the gallery is open to everyone from 12pm to 7pm, collectors can schedule an appointment anytime from 10am to 8pm everyday, 7 days a week!

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Other times by appointment Ouverture également sur rendez-vous pour visites privées, 7 jours/7, entre 10h et 20h. Réservation sur le site de la galerie.

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