Urs Lüthi — Art is the better life


Photography, sculpture

Urs Lüthi
Art is the better life

Past: June 26 → October 3, 2010

Urs Lüthi was born in 1947 in Lucerne (Switzerland), he lives and works in Munich. Since the beginning of his career, Urs Lüthi has used different media: photography, painting, and installations.

Since 1968, he has developed a new photographic work based on himself, his body, which becomes the support and the subject of his art. In these true staging self-portraits, the artist disguises himself or dresses up, playing on sexual ambivalence. Most frequently he represents himself in polyptychs and combines himself with exterior objects or figures (female characters, landscape, empty interiors…), enrolling it in the social context of his period. Urs Lüthi thus sets off on a search for his identity, whilst bringing to light links between art and life, he who is a supporter of the expression ‘art is the better life.’ He takes the spectator through his experience and his works towards what has a hold on him: memory, personal account, research, exploration, sadness and distance.

Urs Lüthi has acquired a significant notoriety globally thanks to numerous solo exhibitions in museums and galleries, in Switzerland and abroad. He received the Prize of Honor from the canton of Zurich for his work in 1996. In 2009, the town of Kassel awarded him the Arnold-Bode-Preis Prize.

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