Videobox x Bel Ami — Projection, art contemporain


New media, video

Videobox x Bel Ami
Projection, art contemporain

Past: May 10 → July 6, 2019

Videobox x Bel Ami

Videobox is a permanent space dedicated to video art, located in locker 9 of Le Carreau du Temple. For this last edition of 2018/19 season, Videobox features the contemporary art gallery Bel Ami.

Inspired by Maupassant’s lovely title, Bel Ami is based in LA Chinatown. It was founded in 2016 by the author Sabrina Tarasoff and the artist Naoki Sutter-Shudo, who worked together at the Shanaynay exhibition area at Ménilmontant. They were joined by Eric Kim, co-founder of Human Resources exhibition area, located in the same neighborhood. The contemporary art gallery made its debuts at the Paramount Ranch fair. Bel Ami places the same importance on fairs participation, its outdoor events and exhibitions in its own space, without any order of preference. Bel Ami’s program mixes artists of all continents, allowing convergences of practices located far afield and offering abroad young artists to show their first USA exhibition.

Presented works:
  • Miriam Laura Leonardi, MAH00394, 2013, 5’15", HD, color, no sound
  • Clémentine Adou, 4 TEMPS, 2018, 18’23", HD, color, sound
  • Nina Könnemann, Bann, 2012, 7’23", HD, color, no sound
  • Maiko Jinushi, Silver Factories on 53rd Street (single channel version), 2018, 7’13", HD, color, sound
  • Miriam Laura Leonardi, MAH00558, 2016, 16’55", HD, color, no sound
  • Asha Schechter, The Bucket, 2015, 7’30", HD, color, sound
  • Miriam Laura Leonardi, MAH00403-7, 2014, 5’03", HD, color, no sound
  • Nina Könnemann, What’s New, 2015, 3’40", HD, color, no sound
  • Tony Hope, one last time, 2018, 9’04", HD, color, sound
  • Miriam Laura Leonardi, MAH00389, 2013, 13’12", HD, color, no sound
  • Masaya Chiba, details, 2019, 5’37", HD, color, sound

From May 10 to July 6, 2019
Lockerroom 9 • Free entry


Bel Ami Gallery

03 Le Marais Zoom in 03 Le Marais Zoom out

4 rue Eugène Spuller – Accueil Billetterie 2 rue Perrée

75003 Paris

T. 0183819330

Official website


The artists

  • Nina Könnemann
  • Miriam Laura Leonardi
  • Clémentine Adou
  • Maiko Jinushi
  • Asha Schechter
  • Tony Hope
  • Masaya Chiba

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