Vincent Hawkins — Growing A Soul


Collage, drawing, painting

Vincent Hawkins
Growing A Soul

Past: October 16 → December 14, 2019

Vincent hawkins exposition paris ahah moret 1 1 grid Vincent Hawkins — L’ahah Moret L’ahah présente jusqu’au 14 décembre une exposition de Vincent Hawkins, artiste anglais singulier dont l’œuvre explore la simplicit... 2 - Bien Critique

Be it a flower or an ochre yellow heart with broken edges (Heart); harsh cuts and folds that create colourful shapes; constructions in subdued tones dialoguing on the wall in a play of scale; thin acidic colour on folding lines, the tear as much an absence as it is an edge… Within the visible evidence of simple, rudimentary gestures (apply, fold, tear, cut…), in the maculating colour, the drawing — an improvised leap -, the fragility, held together by nothing, or almost nothing; within the suspension — "like a comma" — is the path to a precarious balance. The grace of a spontaneous mark leads to unexpected forms; the mood of the colours; the tonality as expressive as flashes or emotional snippets like memory; passing from one state (thing) to another by a collision of intentions, as in the chasm between the lightness of the papers and the dark lyricism of the canvases (Night Gardens); or again, barely between the two (Plains); images that are open to rapid mark-making, to a black covering, to a reversal of direction : shapes stopped in their tracks, tonality, note, space.

Eric Suchère, writer (translation by L’ahah)

  • Vincent Hawkins — Solo show Opening Saturday, October 12, 2019 5 PM → 9 PM