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Yannig Hedel
At First Glance — De Prime Abord

Past: January 25 → March 9, 2024

After “Quarter Past Twelve” in 2018, and “Passé Composé” in 2021, we are particularly pleased to present the exhibition “At First Glance”, the third solo show by Yannig Hedel at the gallery. This outstanding exhibition, dedicated to the early stages of the French artist’s career, renowned for his exploration of light and his particularly refined prints, unveils a carefully curated selection of his inaugural works, spanning a decade from 1976 to 1986.

Born in Saint-Nazaire (Brittany) in 1948, Yannig Hedel is a passionate of architecture. As he moved to Lyon at the age of 22, he embarked on a journey through the city, meticulously seeking out nuances of shadows and lights. Confronted by the rapid pace that defines the City of Lights, the artist adeptly captures the essence of suspension, freezing in time the impressions evoked by his surroundings. His work extends beyond the tangible structures erected by humans, intertwining them with celestial realms, and as "uncertain graphics », echoes unconscious memories. Initially using drawing as his main medium, Yannig Hedel discovered the dark room, and while meticulously crafting his first prints and refining his artistic approach, he gradually cultivated a unique expertise that elevated him to the status of a master printer.

This initial phase is hereby presented in this solo show. The exhibition unveils a curated array of never-before-seen photographs, featuring sumptuous vintage prints meticulously crafted between 1976 and 1986. While the artist’s established body of work subsequently underwent numerous evolutions and secured its position in important museum exhibitions, what unfolds here is the emergence of the distinctive Hedelian style.

Galerie bigaignon yannig hedel 1 medium
Yannig Hedel Courtesy de l’artiste et galerie Bigaignon, Paris

Already intertwining elements such as shadow and light, skies and buildings, abstraction and figuration, the artist’s affinity for minimal art begins to take shape and solidify. This evolution is characterized by an unwavering commitment to refinement that has consistently guided the artist throughout his career. Although the contrasts in this early work may be only subtly more pronounced than those found in his most recent works, the desire for soft saturation intersects with the intricately subtle interplay of light.

In a culminating revelation, the exhibition unveils two notable surprises: a 1983 piece that distinguishes itself both in tone and the rare inclusion of characters, and a significant composition comprising 13 silver gelatin prints from the De Labore Solis series, serving as a cornerstone for comprehending the artist’s time-guided work.

With some forty solo exhibitions, Hedel’s works now enrich numerous private collections in France and internationally, as well as those of prestigious public institutions. Concurrently, a collection of prints and sculptures is on display until 4 February in the exhibition “Épreuves de la Matière” at the BnF musuem (Bibliothèque Nationale de France) in Paris.

The artist will be present at the gallery during the exhibition opening on Thursday, January 25, 2024, starting from 6 p.m.

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