Yona Friedman — Iconostase #3 par Sylvie Boulanger — Scénario d’été


Architecture, drawing, graphic design, installation...

Yona Friedman
Iconostase #3 par Sylvie Boulanger — Scénario d’été

Past: May 25 → September 25, 2013

Architecture without buildings represents a visual installation of unconstructed space management. Its goal is to awaken and encourage idea and initiatives.

At the present time we build too much. Earth is over built, earth is overplanned, earth is overfarmed. This does not mean that we don’t need architects, planners and farmers but we have to change rules.

Display starts with the thing exhibited. It is generally encased but being encased does not necessarily imply a « building ». A museum, for example, is a collection of exhibits. The building is often superfluous and can be more disturbingly counterproductive.

CNEAI = Centre National Édition Art Image Art center
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