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Installation, photography, sculpture, video

Erwin Olaf

Past: October 5 → November 30, 2013

Erwin olaf grid Erwin Olaf, Berlin — Galerie Rabouan Moussion Enfant imaginaire de Vermeer pour son sens de la lumière, fils spirituel de Witkin et Mapplethorpe, Erwin Olaf compose avec ce qu’i... 3 - Bravo Critique Detail panorama grid Panorama 12/13 De la maison rouge au Palais de Tokyo en passant par le centre Pompidou, la rédaction pose un regard sans concession sur les expositions franciliennes du mois de décembre.

Erwin Olaf has taken twenty photographs and one installation for Berlin, his latest series. There are seven scenes, thirteen portraits and two self-portraits. Berlin was created due to the Johannes Vermeer prize, which was awarded to Olaf in 2011.

“I wanted to get out of the studio anyway. The space is too limited. I wanted more space and architecture. Berlin is currently the new centre of Europe. It is a city that breeds history like no other. We are living in a time that in many ways is comparable to the twenties from the previous century, when Berlin was also the place to be. Once again we are dancing on the edge of a volcano, sitting in a sort of inter-war period. Everything could come crashing down tomorrow, no today even because of the crisis.”

Erwin Olaf

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