School Gallery / Olivier Castaing

It is in a spirit at the same time radical, percussion, transcultural and bubbling that School Gallery defends since ten years experienced artists and young talents come from all horizons. Olivier Castaing proposes a new approach to the pieces he presents.

After a tour of the gallery, Olivier invite the collectors and visitors to enter his cabinet of curiosity located on the back. In his “cave” as he often calls it, one discovers the multiplicity of what he like, his particular interest for photography and productions of his fetishes artists.

Young Gallery, open in January 2008 in a particular house street of the Temple in Paris, a few meters of the Centre Pompidou (Beaubourg) the gallery mooved in 2013 in a new place 240 m2 near la Gaité Lyrique. School Gallery currently present its eleventh annual programming. This gallery wants to be a place of discovered and promotion of the contemporary art in all its forms, with important programming of French and international photographers. Photography occupies a very particular place in the programming of the gallery.

School Gallery / Olivier Castaing Gallery
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322, rue Saint Martin

75003 Paris

T. 01 42 71 78 20

Arts et Métiers
Strasbourg Saint-Denis

Opening hours

Tuesday – Saturday, 2 PM – 7 PM

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