Philippe Mayaux — Tableaux 1989–2019



Philippe Mayaux
Tableaux 1989–2019

Past: February 1 → April 13, 2019

Philippe Mayaux is like a free-fall parachutist, capable of the craziest pirouettes. Now this peerless stuntman indulges himself by landing systematically on his front, in a deliberately grotesque posture, copiously splashing the surroundings of the pool. Painter of placebos for domestic use, sculptor of electric logs, poet of the ‘fire which burns in a plasterboard hearth’, technician of the endless screw, originator of ‘l’avancée du Désert’, Philippe Mayaux is a magnificent traitor. He makes us touch the sublime in order the better to break the toys which fascinate us. He flatters. He penetrates. And he starts again.

Marc-Olivier Wahler

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