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Ralph Gibson
Vu, imprévu

Past: March 17 → May 12, 2018

Ralph gibson exposition paris bigaignon 2 1 grid Ralph Gibson — Galerie Thierry Bigaignon À la galerie Thierry Bigaignon, l’artiste Ralph Gibson présente quinze photographies emblématiques de sa carrière accompagnées d’un... 2 - Bien Critique

A world’s first: for the first-time ever in his sixty-year career, Ralph Gibson revisits fifteen of his most iconic photographs… in music !

Following its 2016 exhibition where it showed the recent, digital, large format color works of Ralph Gibson, Galerie Thierry Bigaignon will once more indulge its ever-growing collector base as it chose to unveil another side of its legendary artist: his lesser-known talent for music and his guitar prowess. Celebrated as a Master photographer since he invented a new photography language in the 1970s, Ralph Gibson’s double virtuosity will be honored for the first time in his career.

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Vue de l’exposition
The exhibition will give an unprecedented opportunity to revisit 15 of Gibson’s most iconic photographs in a totally unique way. These images, carefully selected by the artist and the gallerist, were shot between 1968 and 1990. Each photograph will come as a fine silver gelatin print and will be accompanied by a musical piece which was specifically composed, played and recorded by the artist for this exhibit.

Ears don’t have lids!

Thierry Bigaignon who was lucky enough to spend much time alongside Ralph Gibson in his New York studio soon understood that music was holding a huge part in Gibson’s life and has being doing so for the last 70 years or so! Ralph Gibson comments: “Music is a universal language. All art strive to be music. Closing your eyes will turn any photograph in an abstract souvenir. Music is different. It cannot be ignored. Ears don’t have lids!”. And Thierry Bigaignon adds: “Henri Cartier-Bresson once said to photograph is to put on the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart. By combining music to photography, Ralph carries on that line towards the soul.”

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Vue de l’exposition
Rare and innovative collection pieces!

A very special care was given to the object itself. Each of these pristine black & white silver gelatin prints will come in an edition of 3. Provided in a special format they will all show at their verso a hand-written and signed musical score by the artist. And the gallery will use for the first-time an in-house innovative frame that will integrate an NFC chip allowing the collector to stream the music of each photograph on a smartphone while viewing it. For Thierry Bigaignon: “To musically illustrate these magnificent photographs offers us yet another opportunity to present rare collection pieces and to showcase innovations which we think will make history. It is our gift to collectors, and photography enthusiasts alike, who have followed and admired for decades the immense body of work of this legendary artist.”

A very personal masterclass

As an opportunity to expand one’s visual horizons under the guidance of one of the great masters in contemporary photography, Ralph Gibson will hold a masterclass on Sunday 18 March, 2018. A personal and private tour of the “Vu, Imprévu” exhibition, will lead to a conversation about his approach to image-making and his development as an artist. A wide range of topics will be covered during this once-day masterclass. The session will end with a condensed portfolio review.


15 original signed and numbered black & white silver gelatin prints with hand-written musical score. Special edition of 3. Bespoke frame with integrated music stream via an NFC chip.

  • Opening Saturday, March 17, 2018 12 PM → 7 PM
  • Masterclass — One Day With Ralph Gibson Meeting Sunday, March 18, 2018 10 AM → 4 PM

    Masterclass : One Day With Ralph Gibson — 600.00€

    A very special one-day Masterclass with Ralph Gibson: a rare opportunity to expand your visual horizons under the guidance of one of the great masters in contemporary photography.

    The workshop begins with a personal and private tour of Gibson’s latest exhibition “Vu, Imprévu” which will be held at the Galerie Thierry Bigaignon. This will lead to a conversation about his approach to image-making and his development as an artist. A wide range of topics will be covered such as :
     — Seeing vs. Perception
     — Finding a point of departure
     — Discovering your visual signature
     — Music and photography
     — The art of bookmaking

    The session will end with a personal condensed portfolio review. Participants are requested to bring their 10 most relevant images.

    Participants will also get with a signed copy of Ralph Gibson latest retrospective publication: “Ralph Gibson. Black Trilogy, 1970-1974. Une aventure surréaliste” from Gilles Mora (Ed. Hazan)

    The masterclass includes a breakfast welcome (coffee, tea and fruits juices), soft drinks all along the day, as well as a snack lunch.

    Register online: http://www.thierrybigaignon.com/store/masterclass-one-day-with-ralph-gibson

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