Susumu Shingu — Le Souffle d’Ici — L’Eau de là



Susumu Shingu
Le Souffle d’Ici — L’Eau de là

Ends in 25 days: March 2 → July 13, 2024

Galerie jeanne bucher jaeger 1 grid Susumu Shingu — Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, Paris La galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger propose une exposition sensible et touchante de l’artiste japonais Susumu Shingu qui présente ici u... 2 - Bien Critique

The exhibition Le Souffle d’Ici — L’Eau de là [The Breath of Here — The Water Beyond] by Susumu Shingu, is the third part of a cycle of three exhibitions in 2023-24 entitled ENCHAN-TEMPS, conceived by Véronique Jaeger, reflecting the gallery’s commitment to questions of sustainable development and environment and to a reflection on space, movement and memory, in the work of artists whose monumental creations are both deeply rooted in sites of memory on Earth, but is also revealed in their fullness and monumentality when seen from above, from Heaven.

Artists whose work, unique and profound, made by and for human beings, is fundamentally visionary and inherently valuable. At a time when we are facing fundamental questions for the future of humanity, including Artificial Intelligence with all its advantages and dangers, global warming and the urbanization of cities transformed into megacities, the gallery is more than ever committed to defending artists who propose a world based on notions of sustainable development, balance and peace, combining in their works past, present and future visions, a world that embodies the major challenges of the 21st century.

The cycle of exhibitions entitled ENCHAN-TEMPS, inaugurated in February 2023 with the exhibition Habiter la Terre — Archéologie Intérieure by Dani Karavan and Jean-Paul Philippe, continued in mid-September 2023 with Les Yeux du Ciel by Antoine Grumbach, and closes with the exhibition Le Souffle d’Ici — L’Eau de là [The Breath of Here — The Water Beyond] by Susumu Shingu, sculptor of water and wind with whom the gallery has been collaborating since 2006, who created a Wind Museum in Japan and recently exhibited at the Château de Chambord to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death. Susumu Shingu has exhibited recently with Renzo Piano at the Nakanoshima Art Museum in Osaka, Japan, entitled Parallel Lives ( July- September 2023); they have completed over a dozen projects together. The exhibition also provided an opportunity to delve deeper into Susumu Shingu’s research into perpetual movement based on the natural energies that drive his sculpture, with drawings, paintings, sculptures and models of his major projects.

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